Thursday, July 30, 2015

Kayla - Burning Man event

Kayla - Decompression Burning Man event

Kayla's fun COLORFUL cut crease makeup look I did for her consist of several shades of eyeshadows. She wanted something that would match her Red, Green, Yellow, and black outfit. She brought me a photo reference that gave me the clear idea of what she was looking for.

The products I used to achieve this look were...

Urban Decay - Primer Potion
MakeupForever - Yellow Pigment
MakeupForever - Green Pigment
Urban Decay - Perversion Pencil Liner
Stila - Liquid Waterproof Liner
Sephora - Lashes

Clinique - Moisturizer
Cover Fx - Face Primer
Nars - Sheer Matte Foundation Santa Fe

Nars - Casino Bronzer
Nars - Amour Blush
Nars - Albatross

MakeupForever - Flash Palette

Nars - Setting Powder
Urban Decay - Setting Spray Original

Until next time!

- E

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Wearable Aqua Eyes tutorial

A tutorial on a WEARABLE AQUA EYES look is officially live!

Hurry and go watch! Click the photo once again to get directed to the video :)
I know some of us get really nervous wearing a somewhat brighter eyeshadow, I will show you how to blend and mend that aqua shade so it won't look tacky or funny. I hope you guys enjoy it! And, please, leave a comment if you have any questions/requests on the look or just a different color.

The video's information bar will consist of the list of products I used from start to finish!
Until next time my lovelies, have a wonderful weekend!

- E

Saturday, July 18, 2015


Major Huge HAUL!!

If you want to see my haul just give the photo a click and it will directly bring you to the video.

On another note, I have a story to share with you guys...It's quite a experience! haha... I went into Ulta mainly had my mind set on the LORAC Pro Contour Palette, since I only own ABH's contour palette, I felt like I can splurge a little and get another contour :) So because the location of Ulta I went to was grand opening, smackin' new, they were doing a temporary coupon (20% entire purchase!) so I thought I might as well browse and see what else there was I wanted. I went and took a look at their Pro eyeshadow palettes 1&2! And the colors seem so similar to all the Urban Decay's Nakeds (1,2,&3); since I have all three I don't feel that I need a large e/s palette from Lorac. Then I noticed they had a Pro Matte eyeshadow (mini) palette! The colors looked bomb, so I got it!

On another note, funny thing happened; so since I've personally NEVER EVER gotten my makeup 'PROFESSIONALLY' done before besides 1x (with this sweet gal at MAC Cosmetics), I thought what better time than the present and try out Ulta's 'artist' on their first day open (thinking they have at least DECENT artists around).

So I wanted to check out the Lorac Mini eyeshadow palette come to life on my eyes, I first approach this woman that had checked on me earlier when I was still browsing. She then helped me find a artist that was available to do the quick eye demo (which btw, they had AT LEAST 8 other employees working; none were busy). She grabbed me this one chick, I don't know her name because she never introduced herself, nor did the woman that I approached at first; so at this point I don't know NO BODY'S name. Being in the cosmetic industry myself, that strongly care about my customer service; I was not impress. I usually give the benefit of the doubt, so I gave this girl a chance to try the shadows on me.

I personally played it cool, open-minded, as if I don't know much about anything. So she won't feel intimidated or what not, if she knew I know everything...So first she had to scramble to find a few eyeshadow brushes because apparently none of them have any yet, since its their first day open (she tells me this); I was just thinking 'its the first day, why none of you guys are prepared?' Whatever... So as we finally get situated she then continues to ask me "do you have an eye primer on?"... I answer back "no" then I got to thinking 'WHY WOULD I BE WEARING AN EYE PRIMER BY ITSELF OUT AND ABOUT?'. Then she comes back with a eye primer, preps my eye, and asks me "what kind of eye look did you want? smokey?" I reply back with "I'm not sure, I just want to test out the colors and see if I wanted this palette; maybe a sultry semi-contoured eye." She says "ok" then continues...
So as she's swiping away with the eye brush I got to thinking, since we were sitting in silence at this point, 'this girl has yet, not once, ask me to open my eyes for symmetry...that is NOT a good sign' and I go on and ask her "do you need me to open my eyes at all?" she tells me "no, just keep them closed". So... at this point I was worried. Then I felt her brushes on my lids of how she's applying and what brush she is using. THIS girl... was using a flat shader brush to PACK and TRYING TO BLEND with that same brush... I'm thinking... 'GIRL... THAT IS NOT THE CORRECT BRUSH TO BLEND, OH LAWWDDD... I'M GONNA LOOK LIKE A FOO WHEN I SEE THIS'... haha...

Then she asks me if I had ever line my eyes with eyeshadow...I tell her yes I have,  but with my tiny asian eyes I need a bold dark liner so that its visible; I requested her to use a drugstore liquid eyeliner. She then tells me I can take a look at the mirror and check out the look as she go grabs the eyeliner. I open my eyes and look to my left (where the mirror was), and... this is what I saw...
(I definitely DID NOT feel 'more' beautiful)

Then she came back with a NYX liquid liner I had never used before, it was duo ended with a smudger or something, after she was all completely done; I just told her "Wow... its definitely different...You did a good job on my liner...". I'm not sure if she believed me... but I think she deep deep down knew how she honestly did...

 So I just got the two palettes, paid, and left the store quickly and THREW ON MY SUNGLASSES.... HAHAHA..... I looked so silly. I felt bad, I mean its not HORRID; but it's definitely not something I WOULD do to myself. 
When I say sultry semi-contoured eyes I think more of this:
Not so much like this...

If I hadn't already had my mind set on purchasing that palette, I wouldn't have bought it. That look did not impress me nor did it sell me on buying it. LOL... I'm sorry but never again, will I ever get my makeup done at ANY ULTA, EVERRR. 

So that completes story time guys. I really hope you had a good laugh at this story like me and my husband did. haha... Until next time!

- E

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Products Empties #7!

Product Empties #7 is officially up on my channel! 

Click the photo to be directed to the video! :) 
I really hope you guys find it helpful! I personally LOVE watching product empties and reviews just so I can get the ins and outs on items, new or old; and check them out! Avoiding wasting money is always a GO for me. hehe.

Btw, if you guys would like a tutorial on the look in the photo please feel free to let me know! It was just something I whipped up for work, so I didn't film a tutorial. Have a wonderful day!

- E

Sunday, July 5, 2015

RED LIPS Old Hollywood Glam

RED LIPS Old Hollywood Glam!

Tutorial is up live! Please CLICK HERE to get directed to the video! (or click the photo above, whichever)

I thought I share a timeless piece of the old 1950's classic red lip Old Hollywood glam ;) I tend to do this look often when I feel like dressing up a bit and at the same time not over doing it.

I hope you guys enjoy! Be sure to subscribe and THUMBS UP for more! Thanks for stopping by!

- E

Sunday, June 21, 2015

TAG: Why you wear makeup?

TAG: Why do you wear makeup?

This is up live! CLICK HERE to watch the video! (or the photo itself to be directed too) :) 
I will be uploading the $20 Makeup Challenge THIS coming in tuesday, I promise. For now I hope you guys enjoy this video and get to know me on a more personal basis! Until next time... 

- E

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Youtube $20 Challenge!

$20 Makeup Challenge!

(Click photo to be directed to video)

I will be posting this tutorial sometime this week! I was suppose to post it up today! >.<* Sorry for the delay, I've been caught up watching the Golden State Warriors game! Please bear with me. I promise it will be up this week! Hope you guys like the look, this entire look was based off of only using $20 worth of products. Give or take $1 or $2 due to tax.

Love ya'll! See you in my next post! =]

- E